Employer Benefit Problems
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Are your Company Benefit Issues as unique as you thought?

Since 2001 HR Carolina has focused on small business unique benefit needs. According to the U.S. Census Bureau over 98% of U.S. employees are employed by small businesses.

In 2008, many Employers / Business Owners terminated sponsored-benefit-plans because of the following:

·         Participation: Employees did not participate in adequate numbers to meet requirements for a Traditional Healthcare plan forcing insurance carriers to terminate the company sponsored group benefit plan.

·         Expense: Employers could not afford to contribute the minimum matching premium payments.

·         Administration: Government and Insurance Carrier paperwork requirements could not be met by the small business owners and their limited staff. This includes employers fined by not adhering to ERISA requirements.

·         Inequitable: Tax laws force many owners of Sole Proprietor Businesses, “S” & LLC Corporations to pay more than 28% extra for family coverage than their employees by eliminating tax advantages on traditional benefits.

·         Value:  Employees complained they could by personal plans cheaper than the company’s group plan; which requires healthy employees to subsidize unhealthy employee’s higher premiums.

Younger & healthier employees are personally paying thousands of dollars each year more to assist older unhealthy employees.

Younger & healthier employees pay more to allow lower average company benefit premiums for others. (Ask for Options)

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